Two Year Old Daycare

2 year old preschoolTwo Year Old Daycare in Mars, PA

We offer a five day a week comprehensive academic daycare program for our two year old preschoolers.

Each day of the week, basic aspects of our program are reinforced through songs, active learning centers, games and structured indoor and outdoor play. Two days a week we provide a focused academic morning program which emphasizes our program goals through the use of our separate academic area for the two year old preschoolers. Calendar time, story time, the reinforcement of letters and numbers and hands-on learning are just part of our approach to a quality academic program for our two year olds.

The Best Two Year Old Daycare in Pittsburgh
Here’s why we think we have the best two year old daycare in Pittsburgh. We started providing Christian daycare programs in Mars PA 29 years ago. Many of our staff have been with us for 20 years. This provides the experience and stability needed to operate a successful daycare. Thousands of families have trusted us to provide educational childcare for their children in a safe and secure environment. Our home like facility provides all of the amenities needed for your child to feel comfortable, learn and have fun.

Our Two Year Old Daycare
• Our two year old daycare is an academic program with alphabet, shapes, colors, feeding themselves, continued potty training
• Christian program with blessings, bible songs and Christian music
• Arts & Crafts three days a week
• Two snacks a day. Child brings lunch
• Separate playground from older children
• Our staff is 100% CPR certified and first-aid certified, which exceeds state requirements
• Safe & Secure building and grounds
• Has a flexible attendance. Many childcare facilities charge full-time rates even if you desire part-time attendance. Vision Childcare works with families providing the best childcare options within your budget constraints

Goals for 2 Year Daycare

Spiritual Development

  • Listen to simple Bible stories taught with pictures and puzzles
  • Know about love of Jesus through lessons and songs

Pre-Math Skills

  • Recognition of numerals: 1-10
  • Counts 1-20
  • Identify basic geometric shapes: square, circle, and triangle
  • Use fingers to represent numbers when talking/counting
  • Identify basic primary colors (red, blue, etc.) and songs and motions that go with them
  • Clap-out rhythmic patterns

Pre-Language Development

  • Recognize the ABC’s and what they stand for: A is Alligator; B is for Bumble Bee, etc.
  • Form letter shapes through various activities and games
  • Follow simple one-step directions
  • Demonstrate ability to use easy responses: yes, no, etc.
  • Recognize common pictures and be able to put words to those pictures

Pre-Reading Skills

  • Develop a love for reading and respect for books
  • Listen to simple stories of various genres (fairy tales, Dr. Seuss, etc.) and relate them to what is being learned (color, alphabet, etc.)
  • Fine Motor Skills Development
  • Drawing, coloring, painting, puzzles, play dough

Large Motor Skills Development

  • Jumping, climbing, movement to music, building with blocks/legos, rolling/throwing balls, large and small group age appropriate games

Social Skills Development

  • Beginning to relate to and follow directions of adults
  • Beginning to understand importance of daily activities (putting on coat to go outside, etc.)
  • Beginning to understand importance of peer group activities: sharing, taking turns, using manners, etc.
  • Beginning to develop self-concept: attempting new unfamiliar experiences, showing pride in work, identifying a need/want to show independence