Three Year Old Daycare in Mars, PA

preschool for three year oldsOur staff provide the creativity and love for learning that is so important to our three year old daycare programs.

The three year old daycare program is also a five day a week academic program. Every day an active learning environment is encouraged through the use of centers, stories and small group instructional activities that reinforce the social and motor development goals of our three year old daycare program in Mars. As with our two year old daycare program, a structured morning program is used to teach math, language and reading skills twice a week.

Direct, small and large group instruction, concept based projects and one-on-one attention, all help to meet the needs of the children in our 3 year old childcare age group. A quality, consistent Christian based preschool publisher is used to guide instruction from the two year old through the pre-Kindergarten daycare programs in Mars Pa.

Best Daycare in Wexford, Cranberry, Mars and surrounding communities.
Located in Mars, PA, we provide the best daycare in Wexford, Cranberry and surrounding communities because of our experience and commitment to our loving Christian daycare programs. Many of our staff have worked at Vision Childcare for 20 years. This allows us to provide a stable and loving environment for our three year old daycare participants because we have trained our staff through experience to provide the best three year old daycare program in Pittsburgh. Many families in Mars, Wexford, Cranberry and other surrounding communities have trusted Vision Childcare for the past 29 years. Our home like facility offers the amenities and care for your child to feel comfortable so they can learn and have fun at the same time.

Our Three Year Old Daycare:
• Our 3 year old daycare is an academic program structured for your child to learn in a comfortable and fun environment
• Christian program with blessing, Christian songs and Bible story comprehension
• We serve your provided breakfast to your child until 8am
• After breakfast is supervised center activities or supervised outside activities
• Academics begin at 9am and run to 11:30am
• Your child will be more than ready for kindergarten after graduating from our academic programs
• Your provided lunch is at Noon
• We offer 2 snacks per day, the first at 9:30 the second at 4:30.
• Quiet time from 1:30 -2:30 each day. This is not nap time, but if your child does fall asleep we will not wake them until 2:30
• We are outside, weather permitting, 3 to 4:30 then the snack and supervised free play until pick up time
• Separate playground from younger children
• Our staff is 100% CPR certified and first-aid certified, which exceeds state requirements
• Safe & Secure building and grounds
• Has a flexible attendance. Many childcare facilities charge full-time rates even if you desire part-time attendance. Vision Childcare works with families providing the best childcare options within your budget constraints

*Please note that your child must be potty trained to enter the 3 year old daycare program

Goals for 3 Year Old Daycare

Spiritual Development

  • Listen to Bible Stories and comprehend them
  • Know about the love of Jesus

Pre-Math Skills

  • Counts 1-40
  • Recognition of numerals: 1-20
  • One-to-one correspondence (counting of objects) : 1-10
  • Identify geometric shapes: rectangle, square, circle, triangle and oval
  • Recognize days of the week
  • Use fingers to represent numbers when talking
  • Sort manipulative and other objects by attributes (shapes, color, etc.)
  • Anticipate pattern in a repetitive book
  • Recognize same and different in a group of familiar objects
  • Clap out rhythmic patterns
  • Label times of day as morning and night time
  • Make mathematical predictions based on observations and information
  • Identify primary colors (red, blue, etc.)

Pre-Language Development

  • Identify at least 10 letters in the alphabet, especially those in own name
  • Recognize own name or names of other children of familiar adults
  • Make alphabet books
  • Form letter shapes through movement
  • Play games using letters
  • Increased ability to notice the beginning letters in familiar words
  • Select and name letters from names book titles, and other classroom print
  • Develop understanding of word awareness-hear and distinguish one word from another, begin with same sounds and rhyming
  • Follow 2-step directions
  • Match movements and actions to the music and directions in song, poem or finger plays
  • Recognize familiar logos
  • Speak short sentence lengths/structures
  • Experiment with a wide variety of writing tools and surfaces
  • Use pictures and drawings to represent ideas

Pre-Reading Skills

  • Retell familiar stories in sequence
  • Recognize different tones of stories
  • Identify beginning, middle and end of story
  • Make predictions from what is read, heard or seen in illustrations
  • Answer simple questions, “who”, “what”, “where”
  • Develop a love of reading and respect for books
  • Development of common vocabulary words found in text
  • Begin to develop auditory discrimination sounds (what is it?), letter sounds (do you hear?)

Fine Motor Skills Development

  • Drawing, printing, coloring, cutting, tying, buttoning, zipping, painting, puzzles, play dough

Large Motor Skills Development

  • Hopping, skipping, jumping, climbing, riding on bikes, balancing, movement to music, building with big blocks, running, throwing/kicking balls, large and small group cooperative games

Social Skills

  • Developing self-concept: knowing oneself, demonstrating independence, attempting new experiences with confidence and showing pride in work accomplished
  • Relating to and following directions of adults
  • Begin to express feelings and separate those feelings from actions
  • Relating to peer groups, sharing, taking turns, etc.
  • Developing and increased self-reliance in self-care activities (washing hands, cleaning up after oneself, etc.)