The Main Academic Area

daycare classrom Mars, PAThe spacious feeling of our main academic area helps children move freely from one learning activity to another.

“Come Learn with Us.”

Our main theme is displayed here in our main academic floor. At Vision Childcare and Christian Academy we stress learning in an active and center based approach. Our main floor is equipped with various learning centers which stress the goals of our academic program. These centers emphasize the reading, mathematics, fine motor, gross motor and social development aspect of our academic program.

Our main floor area is equipped with a state of the art loft, kitchen and learning area for large and small group instruction. In addition, individualized centers and games are spread throughout the main floor. An academic and a large area of literature, audio visual aids and equipment are also available.

The final and one of the most unique aspects of our main floor academic area is the art work on the walls. Continuing from our main office area, beautiful and elaborate murals encompass the entire academic area. From the “Vision Cafe” to biblical stories of “Noah’s Ark” and “Jonah and the Whale”, bright and vivid colors and stories help to bring learning alive and create an active and busy environment.

In our main floor academic area we emphasize learning in a fun and interactive way that not only keeps the interest of your child, but also contributes to their physical, emotional, social and spiritual growth!