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Nursery December Insights

Merry Christmas from the Nursery!  We had so much fun last month!  They loved playing in the leaves.  I am very excited for all the fun learning in December. We will be making snowman footprints, making reindeer pictures, and Santa pictures!  We are going to continue practicing “nice hands” and working on using silverware.  Of course,…Click to Read More

4’s December Insights

Hello everyone, and welcome to December!  I love Christmastime.  We don’t have a lot to do in December because of our Christmas break.  We will learn the letters D and C, and practice writing the number 0 and 1.  Some of the students will begin to write their last names, too! In the Bible, we will…Click to Read More

3’s December Insights

November flew by and I’m sure that December will go by just as quickly.  During this upcoming month we will focus on the letters J and K, the number 4, and our shape will be the star.  Our verse for the month will be “Every good and perfect gift is from above.” James 1:17.  Our…Click to Read More

2’s December Insights

We are so excited that Christmas is almost here.  All those presents Mom & Dad!  We just can’t wait to see them!!  The kids are so excited about their Christmas Concert on the 8th. We hope you and your families will be able to come and watch the kids sing their hearts out. We still…Click to Read More

K5 December Insights

Dear Parents, There is excitement in the air as we get closer to Christmas.  This month Christmas will be our theme.  We will be talking about the birth of Jesus.  We will also talk about other things associated with Christmas, such as decorations, gifts, family, Santa. In math, we will continue to review patterns.  We…Click to Read More