Vision Childcare Insights

3’s Preschool February Insights

We had so much fun in the month of January!  The children really enjoyed the stories that we read this month, especially the “Llama, Llama, Red Pajama” stories by Anna Dewdney.  We painted snow, we played with play dough, we celebrated friends’ birthdays.  It was a busy, full month. February will be another full and…Click to Read More

2’s February Insights

The New Year is here and we have seen some very cold days this month in the negative numbers, and some warm ones in the 50’s. Just last week we were outside having fun in January!! Unbelievable.  On another note, I just want you to remember to label your children’s clothes, lunch boxes, sippy cups and…Click to Read More

K5 February Insights

Dear Parents, We have had a good start to 2018 in our classroom.  The children have done well getting back into routine after the New Year. This month in math we will be learning how to measure the length of objects using cubes, chain links, and rulers.  We will also compare weight.  In addition to…Click to Read More

4’s Pre-kindergarten February Insights

Hello everyone!  I hope the groundhog doesn’t see his shadow on February 2!  I’d like an early Spring.  Early spring or not, we still have work to do.  We will continue to practice writing our names, letters, and numbers.  We will also continue to say our colors, shapes, sounds, and count to 20. We will…Click to Read More

Nursery February Insights

We would like to welcome Ms. Stacey to the Nursery! Also Happy Birthday to Tucker & Olivia!  They will be turning the BIG #1!!  Our babies are growing up!  It is awesome to watch Cameron walking! This month, we will be talking about the heart shape, the colors pink and red and the numbers 1,…Click to Read More