Four Year Old Daycare in Mars, PA

4 year old preschool students mars paOur four year old daycare program has a well-balanced focus on the preparation for Kindergarten and the skills needed to succeed.

Our pre-Kindergarten area is set up in a way so our four year old daycare students have visual reinforcement of the concepts being emphasized such as letters, numbers, colors and shapes. Access to literature material, learning games, manipulatives and computers are readily accessible in the classroom. We have created a unique Christian learning environment with murals of artwork on the walls portraying the idea of everything being created in God’s image.

By the use of learning tables, plenty of space is created to allow for such additional needs as a story time carpet and an organized center approach. All of the visuals and material in this academic area reinforce our reading, math, language and motor skills development — all goals of our pre-Kindergarten program!

Best Four Year Old Daycare in Wexford, Cranberry, Mars and Surrounding Communities
We provide the best four year old daycare in Wexford, Cranberry, Mars and the surrounding communities because we have a staff that is committed to educational daycare in a caring, Christian environment. Many of our staff have been at Vision Childcare for 20 years. We have been operating for more than 29 years providing educational Christian daycare services to many communities including Mars, Wexford, Cranberry, Mars, Treesdale, Seven Fields, Evans City, Gibsonia and other communities. We have created a comfortable and fun atmosphere for the children in a safe and secure environment.

Our Four Year Old Daycare
• Our 4 year old daycare is an academic program designed for your child to learn in a comfortable, fun, Christian environment
• Christian program with blessing, Christian songs and understanding and memorization of verses in the Bible
• We serve your provided breakfast to your child until 8am
• After breakfast is supervised center activities or supervised outdoor activities
• Academic program begins at 9am and runs to 12 noon
• Your child will be more than ready for kindergarten after graduating from our academic programs
• Lunch you provide is at Noon
• We offer 2 snacks per day, the first at 9:30 the second at 4:30.
• Quiet time from 1:30 -2:30 each day. This is not nap time, but if your child does fall asleep we will not wake them until 2:30
• We are outside, weather permitting, 3 to 4:30 then the snack and supervised free play until parent pick up
• Separate playground from younger children
• Our staff is 100% CPR certified and first-aid certified, which exceeds state requirements
• Safe & Secure buildings and grounds
• Has a flexible attendance. Many childcare facilities charge full-time rates even if you desire part-time attendance. Vision Childcare works with families providing the best childcare options within your budget constraints

Goals for 4 Year Daycare

Spiritual Development

  • Listen to Bible Stories and re-tell them
  • Memorize Scripture verses, songs, and finger rhymes
  • Know about the love of Jesus

Math Development

  • Counts 1-100
  • Recognition of Numerals: 1-40
  • One-to-one correspondence (counting of objects): 1-20
  • Use ordinal number words to describe the position of objects (first, second, third)
  • Use concrete objects to start to build vocabulary: more, less, greater than, fewer, equal to
  • Group objects into equal groups
  • Identify some coins and their basic value (penny, nickel, dime, etc.)
  • Recognize, describe and extend patterns
  • Order object by property (small to large, etc.)
  • Sort, categorize, classify and order objects by more than one attribute (smaller, larger, size, shape)
  • Understand directionality, order and positions of objects (down, over, under)
  • Learn to tell time
  • Demonstrate awareness of measurement attributes (length, volume, weight, temperature)
  • Recognize, read and interpret data on simple graphs
  • Use simple strategies to solve problems
  • Identify geometric shapes: circle, square, rectangle, circle, diamond, cross, pentagon, hexagon, octagon, cube, trapezoid, rhombus, oval, pyramid, cone and sphere
  • Recognize and identify primary and secondary colors

Language Development

  • Association of letter and sounds together
  • Recites the alphabet in sequence
  • Recognizes all upper and lowercase letters
  • Write first and last name using capital and lowercase letters
  • Copy or write letters from samples
  • Label own drawings
  • Understand correct holding of pencil
  • Make lists, graphs, charts and simple menus
  • Writes in a variety of settings
  • Utilize tracing skills
  • Follow 3-step directions
  • Segment and identify initial sounds in words and starts to recognize a word’s syllables: sh-ar-k
  • Identify end punctuation
  • Plays with repetitive sounds
  • Recites rhymes, songs and familiar text
  • Makes up rhymes or songs
  • Share and talk about own experiences, products and writing
  • Use/speak/create larger sentence lengths and structures

Reading Development

  • Name major events of a story
  • Identify setting, events, problem and solution of a story
  • Tell topic of a selection read aloud
  • State important facts from informational text
  • Be exposed to and read aloud a variety of genres of text (fairy tale, tall tale, etc.)
  • Identify author, illustrations and titles of books
  • Recognize alliteration (Mother, Michael, mop)
  • Use illustration clues to infer and predict what happens next in a story
  • Generate ideas for a story or shared writing and dictate those to an adult
  • Create own books based on familiar stories/additional text
  • “Reading” stories from pictures
  • Develop a love for reading and respect for books
  • Visual and auditory discrimination

Fine Motor Skills Development

  • Drawing, printing letters and numbers, coloring, cutting, tying, buttoning, zipping, painting, puzzles, educational board games, computer usage-keyboarding/interactive game usage

Large Motor Skills Development

  • Hopping, skipping, jumping, climbing, balancing, movement to music, building with blocks, running, throwing/kicking balls, large and small group cooperative games, relay races, usage of hula hoops, jump ropes and appropriate equipment

Social Skills Development

  • Relating and following directions of adults
  • Begin to express feelings and thoughts verbally
  • Relating to peer groups, sharing, taking turns, raising hand, etc.
  • Obtain a self-reliance in self-care activities (cleaning up for oneself, etc.)
  • Continue to develop self-concept: having a greater understanding of oneself, continuing to demonstrate independence, trying new experiences and showing pride in work accomplished