Vision Childcare Insights

Nursery May Insights

Yea, Spring is HERE!  We can go outside and play!!  What fun! We have a few children moving up to the 2’s class on May 30. My how they have grown!  Happy Graduation to:  Adison, Chacen, Kokebe and Nolan!  You all will do well with the 2’s class!  We will miss you guys! Welcome to…Click to Read More

4’s Pre-Kindergarten May Insights

Hello Everyone!  Can you believe that the school year is almost done?  This will actually be the final Insights for the school year.  I can’t believe it myself!  I still have a little to teach your children, and have to see how much they have learned this year.  I have already begun testing them on…Click to Read More

3’s May Insights

Spring is finally here!  Sadly, this will be our last month together for the school year.  This is also the last Insights for the school year.  I am not ready to let the class go, I still have so much to teach them.  If you sign your child up for Vision’s 4 year old Pre-K…Click to Read More

2’s May Insights

April has been a long and busy month!  We have had many days of outside play and also inside too, the weather has been strange! We worked on the letters x, y, z and reviewed all of our shapes.  In numbers, we played different games to help us recognize 1–15 and did some number arts…Click to Read More

K5 May Insights

Dear Parents, Can you believe we are in our last month of school already?  It has been a privilege to teach each of your children. This month in phonics, we will review letters, sounds, and sight words.  We will also review beginning and ending sounds.  Opposites, rhymes, and story sequencing will be reviewed as well….Click to Read More