About Vision Childcare and Christian Academy

About Vision Childcare's Christian AcademyWe believe that preparing a child for adulthood is larger than teaching basic academic knowledge.

For us, it is a belief that our children need to be enriched with basic truths that will strengthen them and provide a solid foundation to face the challenges of our modern world. We teach the truth that each and every person is a child of God and how this plays out in our day to day lives. We do this through structured learning, Christian focus, and of course playing and doing what children teach us daily—to have fun with life.

We’re committed to providing a loving and positive environment to instill these Christ-centered values by ministering to the whole child—spiritually, academically, emotionally, socially, and physically. We’re a family-oriented childcare center and pride ourselves that our care goes well beyond the child and into each child’s family as well. When here, your child becomes one of our children and as we are guided to embrace their lives, our lives in turn are blessed and enriched by their presence.